Using the nintendo ds as an mp3 player

Throughout your life, you have do doubt used a few MP3 players. These may have been basic models back in the day, or even IPods and portable smart phones now. You’ve used MP3 players before, but have you ever made your own MP3 Player? Its not as hard as you may think.


For people who own the Nintendo DS, this is a possibility. With the creation of R4 cards several years ago, it has become possible to make your DS into not only a gaming machine, but a music device as well. So how is this done, and why should you even bother with the DS? Lets find out!



Why The DS Is Worth Transforming Into A Music Device


The Nintendo DS provides a clear sound that is the envy of many portable gaming manufactures. Numerous file formats are supported, including .mp4 and .m4a. With a decent quality both through the speakers and through the headphones, it is not a bad musical device on its own. Sure it probably cannot compare to an Ipod, but it does have a number of interesting features. For example, you are able to layer samples on top of songs to create interesting effects. Some of these layers are things like echoes that distort and transform the original songs. Finally, what is not to love about the 8-bit sound option? While this adds nothing to the quality, it does allow you to play around with the music.



What Makes The DS Worth While, R4 Cards


R4 Cards take music to the next level. An R4 Card is a blank slate where you can install any kind of program you want. While most people use these cards to play games on the Nintendo DS, they can also be used to store and play music. As a result, many people use their R4 cards as portable music libraries. In addition to the storage space organization provided with the R4 Cards, most software designed with this in mind will provide many other features that boost what the DS can do on its own.


Putting it All Together


While the Nintendo DS can never take the place of an Ipod in terms of quality, it can be a nice fallback device that allows you to only take one piece of hardware where you are going. Until you decide, enjoy the tunes and good luck!