Nintendo DS handheld gaming systems

The hype about the Nintendo DS was spreading like wildfire and recently, Nintendo released the DS which is planned to take over the good ol’ GameBoy Advance SP. With this being said, the DS no longer bears the GameBoy name (long live GameBoy!)

The thing that would probably catch your eye at a first glance is the size of it. It is slightly bigger and definitely longer than the SP. Portability is a no-no on the DS and you would probably need to fit it in a bag (or the handbag for the ladies). Like the SP, it also has a closing lid and offers two screens and one of it is actually a touch screen.

The touch screen works wonders and if you have used any touch screen device before, you would notice that the DS is very responsive to your touch. They have definitely invested a significant amount of resources on making this feature as good as possible. This feature would also be the backbone of the DS as well.

Sound quality of the DS is also quite good as compared with the SP. Even in a loud environment, the sound emitted is still audible. However, detailed sounds such as water splashes could not be heard with the speaker itself and you would have to use your earphone for that purpose as well.

There are a lot of games currently available for you to choose from on the r4 3ds DS with a lot of genres as well. You will certainly not be disappointed and a lot of these games are very entertaining as well. Some games also require you to use the built-in microphone as well (such as to blow a candle, etc.) With this being said, the game play has certainly improved significantly with the coming of the DS.

Say good bye to those link cables when you need to play with another DS owner. The DS is equipped with the wireless technology and the main purpose of this is for the gamers to play multiplayer without cables. nintendo ds consoleHowever, we wish that this can also be used to connect to the internet and surf the internet. Maybe they will feature that on a new version or create some applications for that purpose. That would certainly make the most out of the handheld console.

The DS is a device built for people of all ages and is absolutely family friendly. For parents who think that gaming consoles for children, there are countless of game titles available for the sole purpose of education. Furthermore, it has also been proved that children can learn much better while playing a game rather than by reading a book.

All in all, the DS is a great device made by a great company as well. You will not be disappointed if you buy this and like we’ve said before, it can be played by people of all ages. With its affordable retail price, it would definitely not make a big hole in your pocket.