Marvel Avengers Academy Game for Android

The Marvel Avengers is probably one of Marvel’s best-selling superhero mashup. I mean, we get to see our favorite Marvel superheroes such as Thor, Iron-Man, Captain America, and many more, all in one title.

There are numerous games and movie adaptations of the popular comic book title, and today, we are going to talk about the Marvel Avengers Academy Game for Android mobile phones.

Think of this Android mobile phone game as akin to that of the Xmen’s academy. Basically, this game is all about training different Marvel Avenger characters in order to defeat Hydra.

Yes, Hydra is at it again and in light of a recent attack that destroyed a lot of infrastructure and killed a lot of innocent civilians, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nick Fury, has initiated a movement to create a superhero academy where they will train young adult versions of Marvel’s superheroes in order to prep them for combat.

Thus, the Marvel Avengers Academy is born. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the popular SIMS games, but in the context of using Marvel Avengers instead.

When you play this Android mobile phone game, you will be presented with an overview of the academy. Different Marvel Avengers will be roaming around the campus and you can tap on them to see what they’re currently doing.

This game is pretty much a timed-game wherein you train Marvel Avengers and they will return after a set amount of time (it usually takes hours). Different Avengers would mean different time frames as they are required to do tasks that are unique to them.

For example, in a laughable manner, Tony Stark will learn more about girls since, well, it is his favorite subject. As funny as it sounds, what this invaluable skill does is it teaches Stark to know more about the enemy’s cunning female villains.

Also, if you choose to train Thor, you may be given a crash course about humans to learn more about the culture, the weaknesses of Hydra agents, and so much more.

Again, to reiterate, this is a timed-game where every time you train a particular Marvel Avenger, it would take them hours to learn a particular skill or trait. This is where the Freemium model of the game begins.

The Marvel Avengers Academy Game for Android mobile phones is free to play with in-app purchases. One of these in-app purchases is the ability to speed up the training time required for a particular Avenger to learn his much-needed lessons.

For example, if training Tony Stark to learn about girls would take 8 hours to complete, you can speed up the process and make him learn about girls in an instant by paying a certain fee (and I am talking about real money here).

Still, even with this model, the game provides an interactive and fun gameplay experience. There are humor elements inserted from time to time, and of course, the action is pretty good as well.

This Android mobile phone game has 3D graphics and it provides an isometric playing field. Enjoy your favorite Marvel Avengers in their adult lives learning more about the world and some tactics as well.

The Marvel Avengers Academy Game for Android is free to download with in-app purchases. This game can be downloaded from the Google Play store.