IP Cameras generally have a higher resolution that that of Closed-Circuit Camera systems or otherwise known as CCTV cameras.

Even though that is usually the case, most IP cameras that have very high resolutions are often more expensive (and understandably so).

What if you just want an IP camera that does have a little bit higher resolution than CCTV cameras but it is clear enough to discern who that is on the video footage?

Well today, I am going to talk about one of the most inexpensive IP cameras today and that is because of its lower resolution.

The FLIR TCX IP Camera is a special kind of IP camera despite its lower resolution compared to other IP cameras on the market.

Before I will talk about the other features of the IP camera, I am going to talk about the resolution of this product first.

The FLIR TCX IP Camera supports two resolutions: 640×480 and 320×240. Now, that might not be high enough to be called high-quality but it is clearer than what the CCTV cameras can offer.

Actually, having a lower resolution is not really a huge problem for many people. Why? Because the higher the resolution, the bigger the file size of the video output. If you want continuous surveillance of your area, it is best that you never turn off the IP camera.

If that is the case and you want to record every second and everything that is happening on your premises, you will need to have a hefty NVR or microSD card.

But, since the FLIR TCX IP Camera only supports a lower resolution than other IP cameras, this means that you can save more footage given the same storage space.

Now that the resolution is covered, I want to talk about the special features of the FLIR TCX IP Camera. The FLIR TCX IP Camera is a Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera and this feature can be controlled using the FLIR video management system.

Another amazing feature of the FLIR TCX IP Camera is that it has an integrated night vision system. Other IP cameras have IR LEDs built to the side of the lens but this is different; the night vision technology is directly embedded in the lens itself.

This means that the FLIR TCX IP Camera has better night vision capabilities compared to other IP cameras on the market.

Aside from the night vision capability of this IP camera, the FLIR TCX IP Camera also has thermal imaging which allows the camera to look at humans or animals or just about anything that emits heat signatures.

This will help you discern if a person tries to go inside your house, for example, as the IP camera has amazing night vision and thermal imaging features.

The FLIR TCX IP Camera only has one storage medium and that is the NVR. The NVR is sold separately but once you’ve bought one, you can configure the IP camera to relay data to that NVR.

The FLIR TCX IP Camera, although lower in resolution support compared to other IP cameras, makes up for it in other areas. This IP camera only costs $45 and is one of the best inexpensive IP cameras on the market.