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Hoverboard activities

The options when it comes to hoverboards are almost endless, these boards which come in a wide range of colours and shapes, allow the user to do tricks and more, with ease and even at speed thanks to the built in electric motor, whats more, these boards come with bluetooth speaker adding even more entertainment […]


IP Cameras generally have a higher resolution that that of Closed-Circuit Camera systems or otherwise known as CCTV cameras. Even though that is usually the case, most IP cameras that have very high resolutions are often more expensive (and understandably so). What if you just want an IP camera that does have a little bit […]

Coque Samsung Galaxy s3

Vous êtes à la recherche d’une housse Samsung Galaxy S3 pour préserver votre téléphone de tous risques ? Vous avez eu là une magnifique idée pour assurer une protection maximale à votre terminal. Le Samsung Galaxy S3 est un véritable bijou que vous devez préserver dans un écrin. Il propose une variété de fonctionnalités qui font qu’il […]