4 Rules that Will Help you Get Stronger at Weight Lifting

If you want to be able to lift heavier weights, you need to increase your size. I’ve been going to the gym for nearly 2 years now and I’ve successfully lifted a lot of weight.

What used to be a dream for me is now a reality as I am able to deadlift more than 300lbs. I cannot even imagine doing more than 150 lbs before, but now I am able to lift more than half of it.

But, getting stronger entails some sacrifices. For one, you will be a little bit bulkier than just being slim. This is because you will need all of the muscle you can get and this means that you will need a little bit more weight.

Don’t get me wrong; lifting weights can make you fit. But if you want to get stronger, you may have to increase your muscle mass and in turn, gain a little bit more weight in the process.

In this article, I will share with you the 4 rules that will help you get stronger at weight lifting. These rules will surely help you reach those personal records.

Let’s get started with #1 on the list which is…

  1. Eat Enough. As previously mentioned, if you want to get stronger, you may have to sacrifice your being slim in order to gain a little bit of weight in the form of muscles. To do so, you need to eat more. Eat big to get big as pro bodybuilders would say. Now, I am not advocating that you eat unhealthy foods but rather, you need to up your healthy food intake in order to gain and build muscle. Eat more than enough protein to gain size and your strength increase will follow.
  2. Have One Max Rep per Workout Session. This is an ideal thing to do if you want to get stronger. If you’re training chest today, have a one max rep on the bench press. This is to ensure that your muscles will be challenged. By continually doing this, you will surely increase your strength.
  3. Never Overtain. Overtraining is pretty common nowadays and people are misled to believe that overtraining can actually benefit them. In fact, the opposite is true. You see, our muscles require ample amount of time to recover. That means, you only workout for a couple of minutes and allow your body to rest and recover. If you want to get stronger, stick to your workout regimen and allow sufficient time for the body to recover. And also, eat enough protein afterward as well.
  4. Always Follow Your Program. When you first step on a gym, you will be greeted with a personal trainer that will lay out an exercise program for you. Tell your trainer to create a program that will increase your strength over time and he will help you reach that goal. Whatever your trainer says, always follow the program he has laid out for you. Trust in your trainer’s capabilities and you will increase your strength in a few months’ time.

I’ve followed these rules for more than 4 months and I have to say that all of them have really helped me improve my strength over time. If you want to get stronger, follow these rules and you will get there, I promise.